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Lightweight Thin Microfiber Beach Towel Sand Free Quick Dry Absorbent Compact Soft Pool Swim Travel

# GRP29CXA Beach Towel7 day production timeCall for Pricing

Our beach towels are a game-changer! Made from ultra-fine microfiber, they're incredibly thin and lightweight. Plus, they come with a nifty carrying strap, making them a breeze to take with you wherever you wander. Fold them up, and voila! They shrink down to pocket-size, fitting snugly in your pocket or beach bag. No more bulky towels to weigh you down – these little wonders are your perfect travel companions! Our towels are crafted with superior water-absorbing capabilities, ensuring you stay dry and revitalized. Engineered with innovative microfiber materials, they dry at an impressive rate – 4-6 times faster than regular cotton towels. Whether it's a beach day or poolside fun, these towels are your go-to choice for staying comfortably dry in no time! Our beach towels are a divine treat for your skin, thanks to their super soft microfiber material. Experience the ultimate comfort as you bask in the sun or lounge by the water. Plus, these towels are completely odor-free, ensuring no unpleasant smells spoil your fun. Embrace the sheer luxury and pampering sensation they offer, making them an ideal gift for sun enthusiasts and beach lovers. Our beach towels are the ultimate solution for a sand-free beach day! Specially crafted to repel sand, they keep you free from those pesky grains while you relax on the shore. With their extra-large size, you'll have all the coverage you need, keeping sand away from your skin and clothes. Embrace the carefree and enjoyable beach experience with these sand-repellent wonders! Our towels boast a one-of-a-kind double-sided design that will turn heads at any beach or poolside gathering. Vibrant and eye-catching patterns grace both sides, allowing you to showcase your style with flair. Customize it with an imprint of your company name, logo and more to associate your brand with a fun and unique product and make your next event more successful !

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